Launched in 2008 Blacren.com dedicated itself to becoming a multi-media tastemaker for all things relevant to art, music and pop culture, with the purpose in place… the beginning was simple.

The Blacren moniker is derived by the period of the Harlem Renaissance. Blacren.com draws life & creative motivation from a diverse myriad of individuals from Miles Davis to John Lennon, Stanley Kubrick to Malcom X.

With fresh content submitted by contributors that are as equally colorful as the content within the site Blacren provides. It’s a  perfect 360 approach to all things creative.

Celebrate creativity and the world will thank you for it…

Fans of Blacren are like-minded individuals that are not limited to people of color or certain ethnic makeup or backgrounds. Blacren considers it’s fan base the same way they view the content, unique, diverse, creative & constantly searching for a bit more. Blacren equals a celebration of growth stimulated through all facets of the arts.

Considered by many to be a  one stop shop of  pop culture, Blacren.com is currently developing its own content at a rapid pace, building its bunker of internally created content and getting the soul of Blacren out to the masses through its own vision as well constantly paying homage to the works of those that have motivated Blacren in the past.

It’s all about being Blac.